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One of the biggest strengths of social media and google is the ability it grants us to dispatch personalized ads, each catering to the specific customer segments that a business has. A good lead generation and ad targeting strategy ensures a high CTR and conversion rate but what’s more important is having a good understanding of your customer base.


Any effective social media agency in Dubai will first go about creating an effective audience persona which will help further enhance its targeting strategies and create more specific ads for their brands. Lead generation services in dubai entail optimization of the website and/or an effective landing page. An effective landing page will make the journey easy for the customers whilst highlighting some of the most stellar products of the brand.


A web design agency in Dubai will tend to offer competitive packages and to lure customers. Sometimes these services may be outsourced which may end up impacting the quality of the services offered. It is thus important that lead generation services in Dubai are backed by a credible team, ready to respond to your queries in an effective manner. Depending on your agreement with the team, inbound leads can be prospected and passed on to the relevant party.


A social media agency in Dubai will aim to couple services such as website redesign and lead generation services in order to provide more attractive packages. Using tools such as Google Analytics and Heat Maps allow us to better understand the customer journey and narrow down exactly what customers require. A/B testing and retargeting campaigns will allow the company to further narrow down on its ideal customer base.


Costs Less than Other Forms of Advertising : traditional advertising usually entails a high cost and even though the cost of digital advertising can be expensive it offers a more measurable rate of return. Lead Generation services are being refined to improve competitiveness in the market. Spending time curating ads to target your niche market will help phase out undesirable leads and lead to a higher conversion rate. You can also build a credible database of potential customers which can be retargeted.


Additional Help for the Sales Team:

With more qualified leads being generated, the sales team can focus on more productive aspects of the sales funnel such as securing a potential meeting and closing the deal. Gone are the days where the sales team would engage in cold calls based on sometimes outdated databases. With the inquiry being prospected ,the sales team can close and the deal and increase revenue for the business.



So there you have it, social media is here to stay and we as brands need to adapt to it.  Digitizer Marketing Management aims to be the best digital marketing agency in dubai offering a turnkey solution to all your marketing and advertising needs. If you need help with your digital marketing planning, we are here for you. For website design, SEO and social media marketing in the U.A.E and the Middle East, get in touch with Team Digitizer: https://digitizer.ae/


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