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Digitizer is a full-service marketing agency based in Dubai, creating innovative marketing, design and development solutions to maximize results.

We are a diverse team of digital marketing experts, innovative thinkers, creative designers and web developers who are passionate about growing clients’ businesses and helping them achieve their goals and making a difference by raising our industry standards. One of the best advertising agencies in Dubai

Our speciality lies in web design & development, online lead generation through pay per click marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, branding companies in Dubai
and social media marketing. 

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How We Work


Requirement Gathering

Detailed requirements including brief, features, functionality, objective, guidelines for a deeper understating of the project.
A dedicated team starts work according to the information received after creating a tentative project plan.


Design & Development

Our experienced team will work on wireframes, strategies, designs and deliver a plan to kick start work as per the objectives set


Testing & Analyzing

After completing the first 2 phases successfully we move to the 3rd phase of testing & analyzing from websites to strategies, we analyze and test it all to make sure we are on track with our objectives and are moving in the right direction.


Execution & Result

After successful testing when it comes to website analyzing or when it comes to marketing. We execute the project and provide a detailed report of the entire campaign or project.

Digitizer Marketing Management is one the most innovative agencies in Dubai adapting to changing marketing trends

There are many digital marketing agencies vying for the same customer base in an ever growing market. The customers’ tastes are continually changing and the best digital marketing agencies are those that keep up with trends. In order for the digital marketing advertising industry to continue to evolve and improve, the industry needs a new inflow of ideas.

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As the world forays into a more digital realm with technologies such as cryptocurrency and the metaverse taking a greater role in our day to day lives, it is important for digital marketing agencies to keep up the pace and adapt accordingly. NFTs and Fan Tokens are allowing sporting clubs and fans greater ownership and interaction opportunities. As the world becomes more decentralized with free flow of ideas and opinions, it is becoming rarer and rarer to see original concepts or a fresh approach to the sales funnel or a marketing strategy.

Customers need to be tapped at various points and need to be remarketed to at various points so that the customer has top of mind recall and is in the consideration set. The engagement level on the social media accounts should also be high so that it shows up organically on the social media platforms. Engaging content is also sharable and this will once again push the organic content to the top.

As newer and newer social media platforms pop up, digital marketing agencies have to find ways to keep the customers’ interaction on the page and keep them from diverting to other profiles. The fight between agencies and their subsequent brands is not just for a share of the customer’s wallet, but also a share in the customers mind. Our deepest thoughts drive our actions and if the customer thought process can be influenced in a positive manner, it pushes them further along the sales and conversion funnel.

Creative storytelling incorporates the use of plot devices which put the emphasis on the product and service while the customer is on a journey which makes them feel enlightened and fulfilled. Content which delivers value and information will always tend to do better with the audience. Having an organic feel to the brand, such as testimonials and CEO branding are further pillars on which creative content can be built upon. It is an interesting dichotomy wherein the world is moving towards a more digital and automated approach, yet the content that is performing well is that which has a human element to it.

One of the most innovative companies vying to be the best digital marketing agency in Dubai is Digitizer Marketing Management. Located in Al Serkal Building 2 at the heart of the city, Digitizer Marketing Management has an in-house team which offers turnkey marketing and advertising solutions. Digitizer also offers services such as being a video marketing agency

As well as being a google ad agency. Digitizer Marketing Management offers effective lead generation service to clients ranging from B2B to B2C industries with regular reorders. Digitizer can be contacted through www.digitizer.ae

best digital marketing agencies

Digitizer Marketing Management is one of the best digital agencies focusing on services such as google ads and video marketing


Digitizer Marketing Management is a full service turnkey solutions agency which focuses on growing your brand awareness online as well as growing your sales with our lead generation services. Our dynamic social media marketing team aims to produce engaging and shareable content which is aimed towards increasing brand visibility and resonance for your business.

Creativity in marketing entails original thought and effort and that is the main aim of Digitizer Marketing Management. The digital agency’s website outlines services such as Google Ads Marketing, digital marketing services, website services, photography and videography services and influencer marketing. Event management and app development services are also offered to a lesser extent.

The ad creative agency also focuses on real estate digital marketing services such as lead generation and building personal branding portfolios for real estate agents. Marketing for construction companies entails content creation focus on the elements of construction such as client testimonials, industry insights and employee stories.

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video marketing agency

google ad agency

In this way, the agency transitions towards being a more of an experiential agency incorporating elements such as ASMR. Effective market research is important as succesful digital marketing entails creating content with an attractive hook with the leads being prospected and being passed on to the client.

Potential services offered by Digitizer include:


Social Media Community Management


Digitizer Marketing Managements social media team will ensure that your brand identity remains cohesive and create a local community of brand ambassadors. Reporting on a regular basis also allows the account to be optimized and forecast trends with potential opportunities. Community outreach also allows the account to connect and reach similar accounts. This allows the account to connect and grow on an organic level as well as improve the engagement level of the current account.


Social Media Content Creation Services

Content creation ensures that the marketing
objectives of the brand are met. Creating informative and engaging content will
drive traffic to the page. Digitizer offers a full hands on team capable of
creating content and available at your service. Content creation also involves
trend jacking as well as using trending content to connect with the audience.
Components of social media content creation services will include copywriting,
video/reel creation, post creation, strategy, and hashtag research as well


Social Media Advertising

Paid social media is designed to deliver the
best possible results. Digitizer If you have a promotion, sale or simply want
to reach your target audience in a quick, effective and rewarding way, then
paid social search is ideal and delivers the best possible results. Facebook
and Instagram have a plethora of targeting options that allow a brand to reach
its most profitable segments effectively.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has steadily increased
over the past few years and is an important tool to have in one’s marketing
toolset. Effective influencers have the ability to tap into specific niches
which allows the content shared to have a higher conversion rate. Specific
audience segments gravitate towards an influencer due to the halo effect and
this will also help favor the brand in a positive way.


Digital Marketing Management aims to streamline the marketing process of its clients and increase sales


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Planning, Strategizing and creativity are key components of developing businesses. A company need to curve along the continual shifts in trends and demands of the customer base to keep up the sales and consumer experience. With Dubai being a central hub for diversified business fields, one needs to take into account different variables and perspectives to align with the competition. This is where digital marketing services are required which can shape up a brand strategy. There is a plethora of marketing companies in Dubai out of which Digitizer marketing management is rising to be the best.

In the crowd of competition it is of utmost importance to have brand recognition. Having a well-known established logo that acts as face of a brand and a professional site creates an image of trust and recognition in customers. It helps your brand to resonate with people’s experience and stand out from market competition. Brand gives a boost to the credibility of a business and people are more likely to purchase from a well-established legitimate and polished brand rather than an unknown one.

best digital marketing agency in dubai

Branding also help business owners to advertise with more ease when they have a cohesive plan and strategy for branding as it shapes its identity among the market. Advertising is the main component of a brand and goes hand in hand with branding. Advertising without a solid base leads to missing potential opportunities and create less effective campaigns. Branding is synonymous to an investment for a business. A good integrated plan of branding will lead to high performance in advertisements.

Creating a Vision and Mission also comes with branding that correlates with your employees. It makes them feel that their role is more than a job. It makes it easier for the employer to give his employees an environment of growth and unity and this works in favor of achieving the company’s goals.

A loyal customer base is developed for a well-recognized brand as branding doesn’t just increase sales it gives your customers an experience they will remember. Building a relationship with the audience and your product or services creates an appeal for people that they will prefer your business over others.

A social media agency such as Digitizer Marketing Management does just that, handling this perpetual process of creating and managing the brand’s identity and providing one stop solutions for your online presence of social networks. This Dubai based digital agency has extensive knowledge of the industry and along with the understanding of local UAE market they can draw out the perfect balance of brand strategy, creativity and unique selling propositions.

Every purpose driven brand is backed up with a well-planned creative content marketing strategy. Advertising agencies in dubai work on those business activities that are a blend of numerous perspectives which can create a specific image of the brand with people. Digitizer marketing management works to go beyond selling and create an opportunity for a business to highlight the potential areas where they can enhance and deepen the customer relationships and experience.

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We combine design, thinking, and craft. We work in synergy to leverage our unique combination of experience, and expertise to deliver powerful and well-integrated services for your brand.

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